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March 31st 2014 5:22 pm

Why do tech firms insist on cameras on tablets???

I would rather save the money on my tablet, I want a front facing one for google hangouts, skype etc. but there really is no need for the back camera. Can anyone give any logical arguments for a back camera?

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It really is a value add for not much money. Here is an example when looking at the Apple iPad. I only have old data handy, but in 2012, the total combined cost of both the front and back cameras to Apple was $12.35 (venturebeat.com­/2012­/03­/17­/ipad­-teardown­-reveals­-3...)

At that price, Apple wouldn't be saving the customer much money by removing them, and if they did remove them, they risk the possibility of losing customers that DO want both cameras.

The same argument can be applied to most manufacturers.

Unfortunately, I have seen many parents filming their kids with iPads, and it does drive me a bit crazy. My 2012 Nexus 7 does not have a rear camera, and I feel like I have never needed one. I can use my phone or a proper camera for any purpose that I have.
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To be fair, it's actually really come in handy! For example, I'm on a Skype call on my tablet and want to turn the camera around and show a drawing, a whiteboard in a conference room, or brag about where I'm currently on vacation with the person I'm chatting with. Easy. I could never do that with a laptop or PC. It's really much more convenient.

That said, I don't care for seeing people holding up these giant things to take pictures of scenery or whatever -- it looks absolutely ridiculous. But hey! Some people say the best camera is the one that's with you.
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But you could save $5 On a rear camera and take a selfie where you are on vacation, or with a whiteboard :P
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the camera on my nexus 7 2nd generation has served me quite well on numerous occasions, since I carry my precious hoard of books and magazines everywhere I go. Its the best thing to take a quick photo with without fumbling for my phone. plus showing off the photos I have taken on a 7 inch screen is way better then on my Htc one s even though it has a much better camera. I would like a better back camera with FLASH and image stabilization and since everyone and their grandmothers seem to be sporting tablets nowadays it makes sense to have a good back and front camera
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Totally agree, I take my 2nd gen nexus 7 with me everywhere. I don't even have a phone anymore. Would love if the camera was on par with my old galaxy s4.
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Got to have. Critical for the spur of the moment document collection or event. Too inexpensive not to have.
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As others have said the cameras that go into tablets are usually not very expensive additions so the 'value added' is probably right.
I've got a galaxy tab 7.7 with a pretty poor camera in it but I've still used it occasionally. It's come in handy for document 'scanning' and OCR.

I don't think I'd ever use a tablet for actual photography or video though. My phone camera's a couple of hundred times better and easier to handle.
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