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why does engadget delete my posts?

i don't curse or type demeaning things to people. i am just voicing my opinions on tech. here is an example of the last thing you guys deleted
"i do not think the makers of tech have a good understanding of the role each device should play. wearables should assist not retaining the users focus. the hud should retain health, navigation, notification, time and geographical information; not watching movies, browsing the web or playing games. in my opinion, the same thing happened with the tablet. the tablet os should be built around the stylus (w/active digitizer) the way voice commands will soon be used on the handset. the tablet should be a powerful tool, not a TOYlet. i envision picking up a tablet, jotting something down and then using my finger to circle it; giving me a contextual menu to command my tablet, a sort of content driven input system"

in reference to this article: www.engadget.com­/2014­/01­/29­/google­-glass­-games­/­?hu...

so tell me, why do you delete my posts? and why should i continue to discuss tech on your site?

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Hi Roger,

I can't take a look at which posts you've had deleted since our Livefyre admin console is having some hiccups and I'm unable to see deleted comments at the moment. Once things get sorted out, I'll take a look and see what happened.

Often, our moderation team deletes comments that are either off-topic, insulting to other users, or seem to promote spam with links to other sites. It's hard to say at the moment -- your comment history looks pretty good.

I'll figure out what happened and let you know.
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thanks dave
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