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Why does Google keep allowing manufacturers to F- up the '4 buttons' along the bottom of Android phones?

Some have 4, some 2, some have 4 but in completely opposite positions! AHHHH, now this instead of staying with the previous samsung model on the Nexus S and Galaxy phones, they went and REadded a trackpad(which is old android imho) and removed two of the bottens, and this touchwiz CRAP should not be allowed on android either. I hope that when Android 3.0 comes to handsets, these layers are GONE and then google enforces a mandatory button configuration. I have a nexus s, and I am not buying any of these dual core phones until the XDA boys fully root and get pure gingerbread on there.

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I agree about it seeming no two phones are alike with the button layout. Even the Nexus One and Nexus S aren't the same! You'd think there would at least be consistency there.

I've occasionally considered seeing if I can find photos of all 24 possible permutations.
It seems like they must exist at this point.
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Here are some :) : www.engadget.com­/2010­/12­/07­/visualized­-the­-real­-an...

(Also, there would be more than 24, because that would be for 4 buttons, some have 2,3,4 buttons)
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