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April 19th 2012 4:33 am

Why is there no perfect phone in the One series?

So the One X has twice the storage space of the S, the V is the only one with expandable local storage, the One X is (to the best of my knowledge) the only one with NFC, the One S has slightly last-gen specs,...
Why is there no true flagship device? Sure, "it'd result in a drop in demand for the other devices though". If they released a true flagship at a much higher price point, would people mind that much? I mean, Apple with the iPhone do one phone (albeit different storage size choices and colour), it has all the features that a current iPhone can have, easy choice. Yet none of the One series is the 'One' that can actually do everything you'd expect a 2012 smartphone to do.

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Slim, Cheap, Powerful.

You can pick 2, but never have 3 :)

If you release a much more expensive phone I imagine people would choose an iPhone over the "perfect htc" at the same price point
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I guess you're right there with the 2 of 3 features :P It is a pity that the market doesn't support supreme devices, as I'm sure technology could be advancing much faster if a company dared to be different and make a device that does everything rather than pandering to the other companies' desires by making sub-awesome phones.
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Agreed. Back in the "dumbphone" days, Sony Ericsson was fantastic for providing expensive phones with top of the line features. They had 3mp cameras when other phones had VGA. They had a solid media experience (pulled from their walkman line) and the phones looked good. However they were complicated and some were affected by software bugs.

They did cost more than other phones though, and SE lost their dominance with the move to the smartphone platforms.
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