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May 11th 2010 4:17 am

Why oh why can't there be number rows on other phones? I HATE prodding function keys.

Just entering my password means I have to make like I'm playing Twister on the keyboard.

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Nothing like my N900's Fn key to make me miss my G1 and it grand 5 row QWERTY. I'd rather have the chin.
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Its the same with almost every other phone (bar perhaps the Touch Pro 2), and even the touchscreen keyboards. Drives me up the wall - ever since the Sony NZ90 which was a flawless organiser apart from the lack of the fifth row. I've never fully understood this. Yes, I know there are spacing and consequent engineering challenges on a keyboarded phone, but it strikes me as laughable when you're hearing stuff like 'x is coming out with a keyboarded phone for pro users'... who will in fact need number keys.
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Seconding the 5th row on the G1. I will most likely be legitimately sad to see it go when I get around to upgrading.
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