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November 29th 2012 8:28 am

Why the bias for iPad

Both iPad and Nexus have 16GB non expandable storage. How come 1 has a 5 rating on storage and the other has 8, why is the 16 GB on Apple better than the 16 GB on Nexus. Isn't this hypocrisy.

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The iPad also comes in 32 and 64GB models so the consumer has a choice of more capacity. It is also possible that the Nexus scores went up before there was a 32GB version (it launched with a choice of 8 or 16GB)

But gdgt didn't give the iPad an 8.0 on storage. That is an average of 10 critic reviews from Engadget, PC Mag, TechCrunch, CNET, Ars Technica, Macworld, SlashGear, Pocket-Lint, The Telegraph, and Trusted Reviews

So those are the correct websites to ask.
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Think too, that the iPad has a built-in cloud based account that holds data. To get that on the Nexus you had to add an app that while included now isn't as well advertised. i.e. Google Drive.
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The problem I have is the price. There is not $200+ difference in features to warrant the price. The mini which people said was too high priced for it's size and features, also, now people rave about. I get that people who are stuck with iTunes stuff, most do not or choose not to, know how to move their stuff over to Android. I just wish both sides, like politics...lol, would be more open minded.
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