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April 12th 2013 12:44 am

Why would Samsung make a phone that is nearly the size of a tablet?!

The Galaxy Note is by far the biggest phone I have ever seen, aside from the uncommon tablet-phone somewhat popular in Asia, but really? 6.3 inches of phone? That's ridiculous! You can (probably) fit a Note in your back pocket or at best your front pocket, but can a 6-inch phone be any tighter in your pocket? If it's only available in Europe and Asia, then I guess Samsung aims for people with wide and deep (double entendre) pockets full of money.
Sometimes I think that Google uses Samsung's products to try new screen resolutions for Android...

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I've recently started working as a full-time Android developer and have the luxury to test more than dozens of phones, most of them crap.
And I'm all for a smaller size, and would actually like to have a 4-inch or 4.3 inch really high-end android phone in my pocket. That said, I've been using the Note as a testing device for one reason alone: screen-size.

I'm a multimedia junkie and if I'm to watch something on my commute I just can't deal with the 4.x inches in screen size, the Note is actually a great size, although a little small. This device fit in that perfect category where it's not too small, but still small enough to be portable (i.e fit in the bag).

I'm really intrigued to have a closer look at this one.
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Its not really a new screen resolution. These have been seed on other devices (qHD on the Motorola Razr M, and 720p on a ton of devices)

I used the Galaxy Note briefly, and it fit in my skinny jeans but was totally noticeabe.

Yeah it may not fit great in the pockets of your pants, but it does fit great in the pocket of a blazer, suit, or purse. A lot of the Galaxy Note 2 owners I know keep them in cases in their purses.
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Yeah, I think it a great purse phone. and I've actually seen many women with those phone. Which might make sense since they are the ones carrying a phone.
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Sounds like continuing Samsung's philosophy of "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks." It's not a bad policy all the time. I fee like Sony does the same with playstation games, but with hardware there's certainly more risk.
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