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October 3rd 2009 8:15 am

Why you should buy (or not buy) the PSP

1. It's smaller and lighter than the PSP
2. It's more comforable than the PSP (lets vote on this. I have not had any hand cramps since using the PSP Go!)
3. Sony had finally started to release more games on PSN
4. Its a gimmick. (definately but its a nice device, better than the PSP-2000). All hail the PSP-4000 (to be released)
5. I have no children or nephews/nieces (its a good excuse to give you current PSP to a family member and buy the latest version
6. Good battery life (its supposed to be similar to the standard battery of the PSP and not changeable. Lets face it the expanded battery with cover was uncomfortable). It doesnt have the DS battery life but it seems ok)
7. It's a Sony
8. It uses the memory stick micro (Yes another type of memory card)
9. It uses a new connection port ( upgraders will be annoyed. The PSP existing peripherals will not work with the PSP go. Should you invest in the psp go! video cable etc? maybe not)
10. Its cool and the sales people dont understand the difference between the PSPGo! and PSP-3000.

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11. you can use your PS3 controller to control it and games. (great for at home use if you have the AV cable plugged into your tv.)

12. save game states. during the middle of a game you can pause and save from the exact spot you are at. (not sure if psp 1-3000 can do that through updates).
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I guess you meant to title this "Why you should buy (or not buy) a PSPgo".... many web reviews I have read don't like the ergonomics better than the PSP originals... many say it actually has worse battery life... they are both "a sony"...
they both have flash memory....

They are cool though... I would definitely like to f with one for a while and go back home to my PSP-2000 and huge game collection....
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