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June 4th 2014 5:19 am

WiFi Connection between pc and tv

I am looking for a simple solution to connect pc's, laptops, tablets to a tv wirelessly. Something that would allow the user to cast their screen to the tv.

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Chromecast sounds perfect for your needs.
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frankspin - Thanks for your reply. However Chromecast will only transmit apps, e.g. Netflix, and Chrome Browser pages. It doesn't cast whatever is on the laptop screen. (As far as i can workout)
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Ah ok, wasn't sure what you meant when you said laptops/desktops. I have see modules that are wireless, but they're often bulky requiring line of site for the two modules.
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It is quiet difficult to get what you need, chromecast is the closest I can think of too.
If anyone knows something better, would help me too. Lets wait and see.
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I found this which looks like it does the trick.
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There seems a kind of device called Android TV box or Android TV dongle which can turn your TV into a computer or smart TV. Via it, you can surf internet, reading mails on your TV, etc. I'm not sure whether these are what you want to achieve or not.
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