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June 15th 2011 10:56 pm

Wii U will not support any disc-based movie playback

An investor Q&A revealed that Nintendo does not plan to include DVD or Blu-ray playback in the Wii U, as they feel that people already have devices that can play those formats and it wouldn't warrant the additional cost.


While I understand where they're coming from, I also feel this is a mistake. One of the appeals of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have been their ability to function as entertainment centers that do more than just play games. Nintendo already did a system that just plays games, and we all know how that turned out. Sure, I still use my Wii—to watch Netflix.

We don't know what kind of streaming options the Wii U will have, but there's nothing they can offer at this point that the other systems don't already do (and do well).

Lately I feel like the early Wii U news has been all about what the system won't do:


They better show us some real working features soon, because I'm quickly losing my enthusiasm for this thing.

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Yeah, I agree. I was bummed that the Wii didn't have DVD playback, now this? I mean, the Wii has a DVD drive in it. I get the concept that they don't want to pay the MPEG-LA a license fee for every console they sell in order to include DVD playback, but why not sell a DVD playing program in the Wii Shop Channel for the cost of that license + $1? They'd probably make a killing on it. It's like money left on the table. I'd happily pay a few bucks for a DVD playback feature in the Wii so the kids could play DVDs without needing to turn on the XBox.

Come on Nintendo, get a clue! If the homebrew community can hack together a DVD player for the Wii, it can't require much of your energy to the same. :/
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I'm not too keen on a company saying, "Well, the end user probably already has something that plays that so why bother?"

Like you mentioned, one of the perks of the various systems out there is the "all-in-one" aspect to media access. I think that limiting their system that way will alienate people and limit how the hardware is used.
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Well chalk one up for "don't care," here. As of about March of this past year, my life is DVD free. While I realize the market for DVDs is still huge, more and more of my friends don't care in the least about the format. It's getting harder and harder to remember the last time we purchased or rented them.
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it will be a good change for the wii more people will want to buy it
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