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February 29th 2012 11:49 am

Will ASUS ever release a 7" Transformer?

When I saw the "700" on the end of the product name, I got all excited for a moment until I realized that this is just another 10" tablet. Am I the only one who really wants a 7" version of this concept? The first company that ends up releasing one is probably going to push me over my "impulse buy limit." I would love it even more if it had a stylus. So, yeah, I think a Galaxy Note 7" with laptop-style dock would be the perfect device for me. Sigh.

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Naw, I toyed with getting a Galaxy 7.7 Plus LTE with a bluetooth keyboard. I understand wanting the "ultimate freedom machine". It's just in practice, if you want small plus foldable plus touch-typable, the minimum size is about 10", then you look for thinnest and lightest. Currently that crown is owned by the Asus Zenbook Prime at 9mm thickness, with a 10 inch screen. I believe it's the UX21a. I'm seriousy considering that with windows 8. Right now though I'm happy as hell with my Prime. I have the Infinity on the way though. Look for my review. It will be very thorough.
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I am actually okay with a slightly smaller keyboard, and can type just as well on my small netbook as I do on a full size one, so I really would be okay with a 7" clamshell device as long as it had a proper right shift key (not a half key like all the ASUS netbooks had for so long). I bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard a while back and it is small enough to easily carry around, so I am now fighting off the urge to buy a Nexus 7. I really want to wait to see Acer's Jelly Bean 7" tablets before I give in to the impulse buy. I wanted the Acer A100 in the worst way, but have been waiting for the hardware to progress just a little more. Looks like we have finally reached that point. :)
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Not sure I see the value of a 7" screen plugged into a keyboard. IMO, they would be better off plugging in their tablet into a keyboard with a larger screen.
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This is why I am an Android user. The players in the Android ecosystem recognize that 1 size does not fit all. Granted, a lot of people seem to be happy with a 10" tablet, but I don't want one... ever. I have played with enough different tablets to know that 7" is the one size that actually makes me interested in the tablet concept at all, and I won't ever consider buying anything larger than an 8" at the absolute max. Now, if Samsung released a 7" Galaxy Note that had a clamshell laptop style keyboard dock, I don't think my will power would be sufficient to keep me from spending whatever money they would be asking for. So, I am glad that there are 10" tablets available for you to choose from, and I understand why that device works for you. I am just confused as to why some people claim they can't see the benefits of a smaller tablet. :/
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I don't think a 7" Transformer will ever be made since the dock that the tablet will dock into will have to be very small and cramped compared to a dock for a 10" tablet.
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Or just make the device slide into a laptop dock with display included. Like the padfone.
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