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October 25th 2013 10:22 am

Will Nintendo rebound?

It is almost shocking to talk about it, but just a few years ago, Nintendo was dominating the console wars. Everybody and their mother wanted to have the Nintendo Wii. It was a game changer in terms of the way you play your games. It was a breath of fresh air in the eyes of many and together with the Nintendo DS, Nintendo ruled the gaming world.

Suddenly, Microsoft's Xbox 360 started increasing in sales due to the Kinect and with the low sales of the Wii U, it seems that Nintendo may be losing it....or are they?

I believe they were in a similar situation when they came out with Gamecube and they rebounded by introducing the Wii. I personally think they will rebound when introducing the next console after the Wii U.

What do you guys think? Is Nintendo in trouble or will it rebound to greatness once again?

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Given the crazy-good sales of the 3DS right now (and that's before Pokémon) they're actually doing just fine. The problem is that everyone is just comparing the Wii U to the Wii, and the Wii was lightning in a bottle that's just not going to strike twice. It hit at just the right time, with just the right features, at a great price. Now there's a lot more competition for people's home media consumption, and Nintendo continues to stick with their core philosophy of gaming machines.

What the Wii U, or the next system after that, needs is a game or game play mechanism that's really fresh and new really can't be replicated in current systems, like how the 3DS has StreetPass:

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They are not in trouble.

I have expressed my thoughts on this matter in other similar threads on this site, but since those posts, the Wii U got a price cut as well.

Forbes is saying Wii U sales are up 200% and 3DS is topping sales charts

Both systems have an impressive lineup of games coming out soon. With the release of pokemon, and the upcoming zelda game on 3DS, I have friends that are buying 3DS's for the purpose of playing these.
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I don't think they're in trouble because Nintendo has an impressive market share outside of the US. Nintendo getting into the mobile game (ie iOS/Android) is also something I don't think would give them any real benefit.
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I do think Nintendo is in trouble in the long-run, mainly because they really missed out on the next-gen console race. Now, I understand that Nintendo has never really been about graphics or being on the bleeding edge of technology, but with the Wii U, they even seem to have missed their target audience of people who just enjoy Nintendo's classic gaming experiences.

In the short-run they seem to be doing fine. 3DS sales are sky high, and Nintendo always does well around the holidays. But the 3DS and Wii U (mostly the Wii U) will grow long in the tooth after a while, so I really think Nintendo is going to have to break the traditional console release cycle if they want any chance at long-term stability.
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The reason the Wii U seems to be hurting is because there is no Nintendo AAA title for it. Once the new Mario game is released the Wii U console sales will take off.
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Well, I never thought I would see the day when they decide to make New Super Luigi Bros. I was very surprised by the decision. To me, I think even Nintendo knows that Mario can't bail them out every generation.
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The need more than Mario, but I agree that there are no AAA titles for Nintendo in general.
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Nintendo is certainly not hurting. For me personally, that Zelda Wind Waker HD Wii U edition was enough to convince me to purchase a Wii U. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Wii U this holiday season. I think a lot of parents this holiday season will look at the 3 consoles, Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One, see that the Wii U is $100-$200 less than the others, and purchase it based on price alone.

Everyone gets on Nintendo's case about the Wii U, but have you seen the Playstation Vita sales numbers recently? They aren't doing so hot either, and yet no one has made any mention of Sony. Nintendo has a best selling portable, and games coming out for it that sell consoles, and Sony has a best selling home console, with a portable that doesn't sell as well. Sony is doing just fine, why do we always draw the conclusion that Nintendo isn't? The only people who seem to think Nintendo isn't doing so hot, are the people who don't own one of their current consoles.

I have a Wii U, 3DS XL, a Vita, and I have a PS4 preordered. I've never been a fan of Microsoft consoles, and I probably never will. Just because a company's console isn't flying off the shelves, but the other is, doesn't mean they are hurting/failing/losing money. I think with the new Super Mario 3D World coming to Wii U this November 22, we'll see a jump in Wii U sales. It may be the game many people finally decide to get a Wii U to play.

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Nintendo is not focused on making great products and competing against Xbox and Playstation. They will not return to "greatness." They will sell plenty of subpar handheld and consoles to their base market though. They don't make great products when you compare directly with the competition.

So they are not in trouble at all in the short term. They are essentially building a fence between them and the competition. Xbox and PS rely on other companies to make software like Ubisoft, Rockstar, etc. Nintendo has never been good at that, so they are in fact giving up in trying to get popular games like GTA V on their console.

In the long term Nintendo is in trouble. However, the market is growing so much and so fast that there is room for different consoles to be played by kids of different ages in the same household. Nintendo has focused on appealing to the immature teenagers and younger kids. They have a narrow focus that's very profitable as their market only buys software that Nintendo makes.

The competition, Xbox and PS also make little money on the console sales, and more margin on software, but when gamers purchase software from Activision, Rockstar and EA Sports Sony and Microsoft make a lot less money than if they bought games made in house.
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