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July 16th 2012 2:49 pm

Will the Nexus 7 have a significant impact on the Android Tablet ecosystem?

One of the most common things to see in the "cons" section of reviews for this tablet is that there are very few apps on the Play store with UIs tailored to a tablet-sized screen. I think it's pretty apparent that the Nexus 7 is going to be extremely successful, so do you think that will spur developers to start updating their apps with interfaces designed for tablets? Or do you think it's going to take more than just one popular tablet? Also, if there are any Android developers reading this, is it just that Android tablets aren't popular enough yet that the apps are lacking, or are there other reasons like technical difficulties in the SDK?

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Not sure we can bet on it being successful just yet. Trust me, I'd love for it to be. But let's wait to see if Google actually promotes it (commercials on tv) and gets it into as many physical store locations as possible.

Plenty of people don't ever order online if they've never held the thing in their hands and played with it.

There's a big bonus to walking into a Best Buy, playing with a device, then walking out with it.

Let's hope Google doesn't mess this up.

Answering your question though, as long as the numbers add up, devs will have to support it.
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So I have done android development in the past (i currently do not) and it is important to prioritize how you optimize the app.

What I mean by this is that I would look at the most popular tablets, and make sure my App works fantastic on them so I cover the majority of the public. I think developers like me will focus more on making their app look pretty on the 7 inch form factor, and possibly move 10 inch compatibility to the backburner. Will it get more tablet apps to market? I don't think so. If developers wanted a tablet compatible app they would do it regardless of what is on the market.

There is nothing "difficult" in the SDK with regards to tablets, it is really the same as developing for a phone. Just the screen is bigger, and you need to take extra care to make things look pretty. However most of the effort goes into the phone side of development because the apps will be installed on phones more than tablets in terms of sheer numbers
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Speaking purely as a consumer with no technical background, I have found the Android tablet ecosystem to be quite robust and it has not left me lacking in any way. If the nexus 7, which I just picked up, gives me even more tablet optimized content to enjoy, so be it! But as for right now, there are more apps at my disposal than I know what to do with.
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That's good the hear. The way the reviewers talk make it sound like pretty much every app I download is just going to have a blown up phone interface.
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