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May 15th 2012 12:26 pm

Will the Thinkpad X1 Carbon succeed where other Lenovo Ultrabooks have failed?

Despite some good efforts, Lenovo has yet to make a major dent in the Ultrabook market. The top sellers are, for the most part, from brands like HP, Asus and Acer. But the company hopes to change that with the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, which actually looks like a Thinkpad, rather than a MacBook Air clone. It's also, according to Lenovo, the thinnest ultrabook in existence (you can check out the specs here: gdgt.com­/lenovo­/thinkpad­/x1­-carbon­/specs/). Here's some more info from Liliputing:

Like other ultrabooks the Lenovo X1 Carbon has a thin and light case design, an Intel Core family processor, and a solid state disk. But the 14 inch notebook also has a few unusual features including a matte, high resolution 1600 x 900 pixel display, a carbon fiber case, and a fingerprint scanner. The X1 Carbon also has Lenovo’s TrackPoint system which combines a touchpad below the keyboard with a pointing nub in the center row of keys. The computer’s case has a fingerprint-resistent matte finish and the laptop weighs just under 3 pounds. Lenovo also offers a rapid charge system that lets you charge the laptop’s battery to 80 percent in just a half hour.

The big question now is how Lenovo will price the X1 Carbon. While many Ultrabooks are available for under $1,000, this one will likely be premium priced, coming in closer to the $1,300 level of the HP Envy 14 Spectre.



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You're right. Pricing is what will make or break this Ultrabook. But everyone who knows about ThinkPads, knows that they aren't really consumer oriented laptops (like the Z, X, Y, G lines are). But the sad thing is that the ThinkPad line is a line where you'd get some of the best experiences of any Windows laptops (Pretty much the Macbook of the Windows world) and not a lot of people will get to experience it.
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I would pay up to $1300 easy, I have been waiting to replace my w500 from school with something thin and light and after buying a mac pro 15" for my fiancée I am not convinced a mac is for me, if this ends up being as good as it looks sign me up for one now. I love my lenovo, it is bulletproof and the best computer I have owned to date.
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Just got this laptop, really a quality machine.
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I think it will be a big hit in the business community. Corporations don't mind paying top dollar for laptops.
Also users who know how good Thinkpads are would also consider it, I would think.
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