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Will the web browser on this be decent? I like the ability to run multiple apps, and the normal rendering of the YouTube page is nice.

I also like the 7" screen size...but is this best used as an internet device, or a companion to a RIMM smartphone? I don't own a Blackberry, so I wonder if this will serve as an adequate stand-alone unit.

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Blackberry has some videos on their Youtube channel showing off the Playbook. They do a side-by-side comparison of the Playbook and the iPad and it looks like it does a solid job.


Not sure how RIM intends to sell this, but I'm sure there will be some functionality that plays well within the Blackberry ecosystem, like pairing it with your Blackberry. I'm sure we'll find out within the next few month on how this will be as a standalone product.
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Hopefully the sites weren't screened to be faster than iPad on the video, (like if they tested 50 sites, and used the top 5, and acted like the PlayBook's browser was that fast on most sites.) Then again, lets hope the browser really is that speedy and smooth. All BB needs now are APPS, and I'd gladly get a Playbook.
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