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April 22nd 2014 6:58 am

Will there be plugins for Chrome mobile?

Do you think it's realistic that it might happen?
I personally want it for Lastpass, as I don't like Lastpass' in app browser

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I used to want plugins just because of LastPass. But now that LastPass can log me into any app and any site anyway, I don't have a need for a native plugin anymore.
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Agreed - works great for my phone. Still need extensions to get LastPass working on an Apple product...
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Ah, very true.
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I really want AdBlock, I can get this for Firefox Mobile so can't see why Chrome won't allow it?
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I suspect you've answered your own question. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are still trying to figure out mobile advertising, and making it easy to install Adblock on you phone would be pretty disastrous to them.

Of course, I think adblock doesn't block Google Adwords by default, so maybe Google wouldn't mind!
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I don't think it will happen because it's in Google's best interest not to let you install adblock, but you can get extensions on FireFox mobile! I really want HoverReader for chrome mobile. It lets you get an instant preview of any link without having to open it up in a new tab or leave your current page: https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/hoverrea...
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Firefox for Mobile already does it.
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