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September 21st 2012 11:56 pm

Will you jailbreak your iPhone 5 and why?

With the news of the iPhone 5 being jailbroken on release day, I'm reaching to think of reasons that I might want to aside from enabling FaceTime on cellular and mobile hotspot to give the finger to AT&T for their stupid policy. I know that SBSettings is nice to use, but jumping into Settings is rare for me so I don't mind the current option for that. I figured I'd throw this out there and see whom, if any, are planning on jailbreaking and why? Personally, when I jailbroke my earlier phones, it was because certain features weren't available. Now all of those have been satisfied in spades and I'm lacking ideas of what jailbreaking would provide me now aside from pirated apps, the above mentioned functionality enabled, and possible unlocking of the phone in the future.

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I would like to jailbreak the phone to add spyware - as a parent, it's wise to keep track of what your teen might be doing on the phone - and apple as no resource for this. I've yet to do it because it voids the warranty. Have you had any problems with this and was it hard to do?
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I am not jailbreaking my iPhone 5 since I have been using iOS devices over 2 years and I got most of my apps for free. I use appadvice and it tells me every app that gone free for every day. For some games like infinity blade, I buy it. By jailbreaking, I can get awesome additional features like android, but I don't want to make fragmentation to OS and I want to update the latest iOS version on the day one.
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I'm certainly not... Not just because I'm against it or because it's illegal, but honestly, I see no reason to do it. Unless you would like to download a massive numbers of paid apps, a normal use of an iOS device, it's completely sustainable for your wallet!
Like Steve Jobs said: "I think people are really disposed to pay for content, there's just no easy way to do it!"
Well, now it is! :D
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Jailbreaking on its own is not illegal: www.wired.com­/threatlevel­/2010­/07­/feds­-ok­-iphone­-j....
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I will not get an iPhone 5, but if I would, then I probably would not see enough reason to do it. I did not with the oid one. Everything I needed was built right into it and done good. Otherwise it is with some Android phones, I own one now, and had to root it to use the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and even had to install a new keyboard, because the original Samsung keyboard on the Ace is so bad. It is funny, that the "closed" iPhone would not be reason enough for me to break free, but the "almost open" Android is.
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