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October 22nd 2009 2:58 pm

Windows 7 launch event live coverage - Discuss here!

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So glad they had Kylie there--I think the original commercial with her was probably the best commercial they've ever done (which I admit might not be saying much, since MS has been having some real issues with their recent ad campaigns).

"I'm going to make it better. See? Now it's better."
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I quit watching about 40 min in. Kylie was the highlight, everything else was fluff that people already knew. MS really needs to take the Apple route and get presenters that don't come off like D-bags...
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i watched the last couple of minutes.

it made me want to go buy a dell latitude z even more. but I decided tuition was more important.
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It was short and to the point.. I liked it.. Really raises the bar for competitors ie Apple and Linux etc..
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