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April 10th 2013 11:03 am

Windows 8 and RT may merge in Windows Blue, but does that solve the problem?

I am seeing a few reports that the upcoming Windows Blue update will merge Windows RT and Windows 8

( www.fudzilla.com­/home­/item­/31039­-windows­-rt­-become... )

Now although I am totally in favour of not having the segregation, will this not muddy the waters in deciding what devices to buy? When I look at store shelves, my thinking logic is like this:

Windows RT on spec sheet -> must be arm processor -> not gonna have a lot of apps

Now without that to distinguish, consumers will need to pay attention to the architecture of the device they are buying, and even then the Windows Store will have many apps that don't work on both platforms.

Do you like the possibility of a merge? Is there something I am missing that makes sense of why this is happening? I just think it will cause confusion if this turns out to be true.

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Hopefully they don't go this route.

But if they do, it may not look much different than the Google Play store where it shows which of my Android devices the app will work on.
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I'm still thinking Blue is the codename for the first service pack. I can't imagine they will once again cause mass consumer confusion by creating another name for the consumer OS.

In the event that they do, I'd think the App store on Windows 8 would function in a manner to let people know if they can download the app or not.
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Based on the rumors I've read, they plan on going down a similar path as OS X--have it all under the major version 10/X, or 8 in Windows' case, but have a new sub version yearly.
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I have heard this as well. Honestly, its a pretty good business model.

Instead of releasing an OS at ~$100 every few years, they can get ~$30-40 every year out of a major update. That is how Apple is making its money off of me, through Snow Leopard and Lion

Well also I bit at the $40 upgrades to Windows 8.

I think I could save money if I skip versions.... hmmmm
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