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June 28th 2013 12:06 pm

windows 8 and the hp envyx2

my first contact with windows 8. enjoy the metro layout AND having access to the desktop as well. as a early adapter (iPad) of the tablet form, i bring a certain perspective to the x2. long had hoped for a decent keyboard to accompany a detachable screen and the hp envy x2 does it for me. what it lacks in SSD size (only 64gb) i make up for with microSD (64gb) on the tablet and the addition of a regular 128gb SD on the side. although only 32 bit in an increasingly 64 bit app world, the less than 4 pound unit travels well, pulls apart easily and personally i LOVE the keyboard. very much like the macAir and ever so much more responsive than the lagging bluetooth connections that pose as 'realtime'. so what's not to like?!

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Is this a discussion in response to your "so what's not to like?!" or is this a review of the HP Envy x2?
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disagreed with the 'official' gdgt review - didn't know where else to post a 'good experience'. what's your take on tablet hybrid concept?
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Ah. Then in that case, it should have been posted as a review. To do that, you can click the "WRITE A REVIEW" button from the products page. Alternatively, you can mouse over the first button (left-most button) from the buttons on the right side of the grey header, then click "write a review".

As for my opinion, I'm a huge fan. Well, it depends on the case really. I've been using iPad since the first one came out and I really like the form factor. I haven't felt the need for a solid keyboard on it. However, when i used Windows 8, it really felt comfortable as a tablet and it really felt comfortable on a laptop with a touchscreen. So the hybrid form factor on a Windows 8 machine is something I'm really excited about. However, I still haven't seen a device that excited me enough to buy. In fact, I waited so long for that perfect device, that I've decided I'm going to buy another Mac soon instead of wait for that perfect Windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrid.
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