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December 10th 2012 4:00 am

Windows 8 is a desktop disaster for power users

Inconsistent UI and jumping between Metro and Classic causes issues:
In Windows 8, you get two different style of interfaces, (1) Metro (Win8 Style UI) and (2) Same old Legacy Desktop. When using OS it feels like two different Operating Systems running at the same time…wow! (You can say, you get 2 in the price of 1!).

Because both Interfaces (Metro and Desktop) work differently, which makes it highly inconsistent user experience. Its an interface, where OS wants its users to learn and remember where to go for which features and how they will work.

Windows 8 look like Windows 7 with a fancy layer of colored and rich tiled screen on top.
It makes it difficult for users by removing legacy Start Button/Icon and leaving customer unsatisfied.
Also its one OS which Microsoft is aiming for all platforms, yet it comes with different apps for each and store as well. Confused.

For PC Metro has to Go?
If all else fails, Microsoft has one last, nuclear option, which I’ve previously suggested. It could ditch Metro, and introduce what I’ve been calling Windows 8 Classic. Windows 8 Classic would restore familiar features like the Start button and Task Bar, while retaining Windows 8′s numerous new security and manageability features.


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I'm a power user. And a sysadmin (MCSE, MCITP:EA). I don't find it odd at all.

I love the start screen. Rather than drilling down through tons of start menu folders, I just tap the windows key on my KB and get a fantastic, customizable dashboard.
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Good to hear your experience, and i assume different people take things differently. So for example while on a project we have work on many software/tools at one time. And switching between them fits quite easy with desktop. Imagin yiu have to open programs many times a day and each time you do that then fancy metro start screen appears and later it jumps back to desktop view to work on that program. From usability point of view i find it cery annoying because both UIs are 2 entirely different interfaces.

Also take a user who is corporate and is above 45 years of age, you have teach them how to reveal options behind charms that will appear when you mouse over to a certain edge d screen.
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Look, it's simple. It's giant Start Menu.

Problem solved. OK?
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That's exactly how I see it. I use it exactly as I've used Windows 7, but with a giant Start screen. It's so much faster and smoother. :D
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One thing is that it definitely helps to have the Windows 8 specific keys though.
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Yeah. I really don't get the people screaming two UIs. If you don't like metro apps, don't use them. Other than that it's a giant start menu. And faster. Win/win.
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I agree, a bet strange thing to try and force the 2 on desktop users. I think it works pretty well from what I've seen on mobile. Maybe they need 3 versions. Pure mobile, mobile & desktop for their new power tablets that are basically touch ultra books, and pure desktop. I can't see how big corporations can ever adopt this. Half their legacy apps probably require ie 8 or below, and they probably thought windows 7 was a big change!
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Which is why they won't be adopting it. Most large companies are only just starting to migrate to Windows 7.

I use some specific tools in finance / engineering / etc and I'm staggered, staggered I tells ya, at how many of them reply "Only tested on Windows XP and we don't make any guarantees about Windows 7 at this time, maybe in a year or two". I doubt businesses like those would be in any hurry to support Windows 8 as is, and if anything will more likely be aiming for what comes after.

And some of these are, as I have sometimes let the sales managers know in pithily expletive-laden rants, applications I pay thousands in support for.

But I'm still expecting in 2018 to call these guys and get "Only tested on Windows 7 and we don't make any guarantees about Windows 10 at this time... maybe in a year or two".

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I'm so grateful that my field is the most place keeping up to date: programming. All my dev tools (I'm a .NET developer) were updated with the release of Windows 8. :D
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