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October 25th 2012 7:18 pm

Windows 8 is upon us. Are you upgrading?

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It's here: Windows 8 (and the Surface RT) officially launch tonight at midnight.

From the Microsoft press release:
"In addition to the range of new Windows-based devices available, consumers can also upgrade their existing PCs. Through the end of January, consumers currently running PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 are qualified to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for an estimated retail price of US$39.99. And eligible Windows 7 PCs purchased between June 2, 2012, and Jan. 31, 2013, in more than 140 markets can download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for an estimated retail price of US$14.99 with the Windows Upgrade Offer, available at www.windowsupgradeoffer.com."

So then there's the big question: If you're a PC user are you upgrading (if so, on what devices), buying a new Windows 8 PC, or holding off this time around? If you're not a PC user, are you thinking about switching? Why?

Personally, I'm holding off a few months but I do plan on upgrading.

What about you?

More info available at: www.engadget.com­/2012­/10­/25­/psa­-windows­-8­-availabl... & windows.microsoft.com­/en­-US­/windows­/home.

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My Windows PC mostly gets used as my Gaming/Steam PC so I will not be upgrading right away. I am in a comfortable place with 7.

I also was a Launch Day adopter of Windows Vista. Never again.
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I've been using Win 8 Enterprise at the office since August and I'm loving it. You may want to hold out a little if you need some more advanced products like Remote Admin Tools, some VPN clients, System Center support, etc. We've had some issues with compatibility with a lot of these things, but most of these will be resolved by the end of the year latest, while many of the issues we initially had have already been resolved.

Overall, the experience is wonderful and seamless. Being fluent in Windows 7, I had absolutely no issue picking up Windows 8. As long as you assume everything can work exactly as you did it in Windows 7, you can get away with doing it just the same way, despite the Start menu turning into a separate screen.

The main thing I loved is how insanely fast and fluid it is! I use an i5 HP desktop at the office. Windows 7 was relatively smooth on it, but it didn't seem all that perfect when using some of the heavier programs like SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010. However, using Windows 8 running SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 on this same machine is BLAZING FAST! It's amazing.

Overall, I'm sold with Windows 8. The only reason I may warn someone is the incompatibility issues, which is a rare thing. Otherwise, I'm all for it! However, at home I'm a Mac user and that's going to remain as is. Though I will be replacing the Windows 7 partition on my iMac with Windows 8 when I buy a new ultra slim iMac. :D
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I run Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. I want to upgrade to Windows 8, but I'm going to wait to hear from others about how well it works on Macs.
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Well, I downloaded the upgrade assistant and had it run the compatibility check. I'm hesitant to go forward with the upgrade, because it's saying I'll need to reinstall ATI Catalyst Control Center. I guess that's not the same thing as the drivers themselves, but I don't want to risk it. It's also saying I may need to install an app to play DVDs. Not sure why...does Windows 8 not ship with a DVD license like all the previous versions? And Secure Boot isn't compatible. I don't even know what that is.
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Yeah, that might be a good idea considering Apple usually take a bit of time to support the next version of Windows on their machines once it is released. Updating Boot Camp to support the latest version of Windows as soon as it's released is not a priority to Apple at all.
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Updating tonight because I'm honestly excited about the new OS and ready for a change from 7. I'll be upgrading a couple year old Core 2 Quad system.
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A windows devotee, I will not be upgrading. I am however replacing my parents aging desktop with an HP slimline PC running Windows 8. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised with full screen apps and lack of clutter. Myself, a chronic multitasker, am not satisfied with how often I ran into the annoying start screen.
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Be sure to let us know how the experience goes with the HP slimline. I'm hoping that Windows 8, in the long run, will make computing friendlier to the average person.
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I will be upgrading Next Friday (Can't afford it right now). I have been using the RP since it was released and love it. Cant wait to get the final version.
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I was thinking about it but looking at Dell's website the one laptop I have to upgrade doesn't have driver support.
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I'll be upgrading a few year old Quad Core PC this weekend.
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On the PC side i have been running Win8 now for the last few months in beta and do plan on going Win8 pro this weekend on this machine. This is a test machine for me so if it goes south i am not all that worried about it.

On the Mac side i do run a VM Win 7 machine and do not plan upgrading that to Win 8 any time soon. i may add a 2nd VM when Apple updates bootcamp to support Win 8 till then i will be more cautious on upgrading my Win 7 VM as its my main windows environment.
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No. In fact, I just bought my wife a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 because I have her using Linux as her primary OS and I wanted to avoid the headache of trying to get Linux running on any of that new Windows 8 hardware. I did play with it in the store yesterday, though, and it seems tolerable enough. At this point, I am not so much opposed to 8 as I am to the hardware that is running it. It's hard times for a Linux nerd right about now. :(
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Haven't the Linux fears been stoked though? I know multiple people have written that work around and the actual threat itself isn't that severe.
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Mac or PC, I don't usually upgrade to be honest - I replace to get a system that ships with the OS I want to use.

I'm pretty set as far as my core desktop and mobile workstations are concerned for the next 2-3 years - and they'll be running Win7 for the foreseeable future, so it's going to be ultraportabletops (ultraport-ablet-ops), possibly some sort of 14-15-inch entertainment-light-work notebook and home systems that I'll be replacing. I'd expect touch to be a big part of whatever I buy.

Ultraportabletops wise, I'm holding off until a couple of months after the Surface Pro drops. And if there isn't a better machine than the SP around in that use mode, then I'll buy them. Whatever I buy, these will be my main mobile workhorses.

14-15", I was looking at the likes of the Asus U500. Once again, I'll see what's dropped a few months from now.

Home systems - well, I don't mind the Dell 27" so the touch version that was revealed a while back seems like just the ticket: But again I'll hold for a few months.

So RT will in fact likely be the only Win8 PC I buy this year, and I view that as an experiment at best right now.

Not sure whether I should go Win8 on the gamer I'll be rebuilding shortly. And by rebuild, I mean getting rid of the old one and doing a new one. I will probably never replace the OS on it until I rebuild it again (the current build lasted ~18 months) so maybe I should go Win8. But I hate frustrations especially when I'm trying to entertain myself, so might stick with 7 until the next rebuild in, what, early 2014-ish.
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Yeah, I'm getting it. Windows 8 is really fast and nicely put together. Emphasis on the fast part - 5 seconds from power button to desktop. Even my 4-year-old budget Inspiron that's giving me SMART errors and has a partly-broken motherboard can beat a $5000 MacBook Air in a boot test when the Inspiron's running Windows 8.
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Windows is a secondary environment for me; I use it to support it at work (in a VM and on an old ThinkPad), and I use it at home for my gaming PC. The old ThinkPad has been running Win8 Enterprise for a while, and the home system was on the Consumer Preview and got the full release on launch day. I spend most of my time in Mac OS X, but I'm happy with Win8, it seems like a great release, as long as you're only focusing on the desktop and the Start Screen.

Once you get into Metro apps, it's a mess, but I can safely ignore that mess for now and I'm curious to see how it goes.
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I'll be waiting. As primarily a desktop user it seems as though most of the major UI changes have little to no benefit to me, and may actually be a step backwards in some cases for a strictly KBM interface. I've heard that the performance is increased, but I don't really run into problems with Windows 7 performance on my machine, so that's not a big selling point to me at this point in time.

I do plan to get a new notebook in the next 6 months or so. So I'll probably be getting my first experience with Win8 when I do that.
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Did it day one on my 3 m.o. Dell 15 r. Easiest OS install I've ever done and loving Windows 8. Faster than 7. Tiles a bit freaky at first, but once everything's set up and syncing, it's great. Haven't had any issues with older software so far (although haven't re-installed everything yet).
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Already moved to Windows 8 Enterprise about a month ago. Never looked back, and love it. I have a iMac 27 as well, and love the use of them both. The Apps a mess? No, the tiles make it easy for organization, comes to preference.
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I cannot believe Microsoft allowed this product to hit the shelves. I have been with Windows since 98 and upgraded to every version released since then. Bottom line.... Windows 8 is garbage. Controlling and navigating through this OS is incredibly inefficient and a total headache.

As for all the "Start Menu" arguments.... The start menu UI is much MUCH! better then this Metro crap. The start menu takes 15%-20% of screen real estate while providing a path to pretty much everything on your PC in a neat, organized, LOGICAL! fashion. The Win8 Metro interface can take up 20000% of your screen.

Windows 8 is a mobile operating system PERIOD! On a phone or a tablet it at least makes some sense.

This isnt just the biggest mistake Microsoft has ever made. This has got to be one of the biggest "F" ups from a tech company Ever! 2 Billion people use windows everyday. Windows has evolved since its creation but kept the basic flow of the operating system the same. Why? because people liked it, were used to it, and happy.

The product released by Microsoft as "Windows 8" is not windows. I cannot believe how HUGE MS fucked up. Unless they make some crazy update reconfiguring win8 they are leaving a clear opening for another OS to gain momentum.
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What version are you using? My start screen only takes up 100% of my screen, not 20000%.
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So, what exactly do you find unusable about the new start screen, or why can't you work around it by pinning your most used apps on the desktop?

Also, have you used it for any amount of time?
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you can also unpin the apps from the start screen as well if you fell you have too many of them on the screen as it is.

One of the things i do like about the start screen is being able to group my apps and giving names to those groupings.
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I didn't know that you could name the groupings of your apps. That's pretty neat. I'll have to play around in Metro more. I've been spending my time setting up the desktop and moving files from a backup.

I have to say that the more I use Windows 8 the more interesting it becomes. That's always better than the same old thing, especially if I have to learn some new things along the way.
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