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October 30th 2012 6:08 pm

Windows Phone 8 headphones & peripherals

One of the things I like least about Android phones are the headphones. I want more than one button and half-assed support. Will there be good three-button headphones supported by Windows Phone 8?

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I think you're looking at the same situation as Android. Let's face it, the same handset makers make both with the exception of Nokia, and they're more into selling BT headsets.

Samsung actually did/do a three-button headset as a pack-in on the Omnia but I've seen very, very few WP7 wired remotes that actually qualify for the word "remote" and most of them are crappy pack-ins (the Samsungs are fairly decent).

Nokia is probably the only one actually making a viable aftermarket three-button headset for WP8, (though it's a Monster). They also make the Purity HD headphones again with full controls for Nokia WP's at least, which I haven't heard but if they resemble the Beats Solo HD in any way (as they suspiciously do), their sound is like listening through a sheet of sheet, as it were.

And Bluetooth wise, I fail to see the logic of Nokia making apt-x headsets, then not making a Windows Phone that does apt-x... though it's probably a Microsoft driver issue since no-one else (again, makers whose Androids do apt-x) does apt-x on their WP8's either.

The lack of end-user logic in feature implementation in WP across the board is getting increasingly irritating since they still have a lot of catching up to do.

Anyhoo, your best mediocre (soundwise, and in terms of drain) bet for a remote with full transport and volume controls in WP is a jacked Bluetooth headset like the Nokia BH-111 (which delivers your standard Bluetooth audio, but probably as good as standard BT audio gets if paired to a decent head/earphone) or other similar devices like the Jabra Clipper.
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