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September 20th 2012 12:17 am

Windows Phone 8 + microSD card: is it so hard?!

For those who have waited for the next generation of Windows Phones, i'm pretty sure most have been impressed by what various OEMs have had to offer.

Samsung was the first to spring into the Windows Phone 8 foray with the ATIV S. While it looks like a derivative of the Galaxy SIII, it does use brushed aluminium for its chassis. That seemed promising until someone posted the flexible plastic lid.

With the Samsung merely a curiosity in my mind, I turn my attention to Nokia who impressed (and simultaneously disappointed) me with the PureView camera, and exclusive software line-up. Yea...and then they messed it all up with the "simulation" debacle.

As Nokia looked for the culprit, and Elop clearly red-faced, we get HTC doing what Nokia couldn't: show off a pair of Windows Phones AND announce details of price+availability!

Now, aside from the ATIV S, what is it with Nokia and HTC being unable to put a damn microSD slot there? The only answer I seem to find is the "didn't want to defile" the chassis.

What is everyone's thoughts on this? Is the lack of a microSD card slot a dealbreaker? Or do you know the answer about WHY there is no microSD slot of 2 of the sexiest Windows Phones around?

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I do know the answer

"Kevin Shields, executive vice president at Nokia, was kind enough to shed some light on the matter. While speaking with PC Pro, he stated that to out a microSD card slot on the Nokia Lumia 920 would have ruined its design. "We started with the premise that we wanted an uncompromised physical form," he said, and a microSD card slot "would have defiled it." Besides, Shields added that not too many owners use that much storage anyway."

Now I would like to see microSD as well, but I have never used more than 32 GB of space on a phone. Hell I currently have 24 GB of space (8GB internal, 16GB microSD) and don't even fill it. So I fall within Kevin Shields' assertion that not too many owners use more than 32GB

Thus it isn't a dealbreaker for me

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I'm not generally one to defend anything in the Windows Phone ecosystem, but I have to say that my Motorola Photon Android phone has 8GB internal and a microSD slot... which I have never bothered to put a card in. I have had it for over a year and am only just now starting to get low on storage... but only because of all the videos I have shot since we have a new baby in the house. Once I remember to archive these to my home server, I will be right back to not caring that I have an SD slot. I used to think this was a big deal until this, my first phone with 8GB storage. Now, I realize it's less important than I thought it would be.
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the HTC 8X has a micro sd slot
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unfortunately you are incorrect. the 8S does, the 8X does not
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ooo not good. why do the 820 and 8S (lower end) get those???
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I would suspect it's to lower the manufacturing costs of including more memory, thereby shifting the cost of acquiring memory to the consumer.
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Probably to control over all cost to manufacture the phones and allow to sell them as lower retail price. Also this allow users to pay minimal on the memory until they decide to increase it and find deals on their own.
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Want MicroSD, get a Ativ S. What's the problem? With Windows and Android, you actually have options..... crazy..... so get the phone that has what you like.
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i think that's the problem... the ATIV S has something I like but so does the Lumia 920 and 8X! Weighing up what I want most is fairly excruciating... =.="
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I've been wondering that.

32GB with no micro SD may be acceptable, 16GB without one...just...isn't. I am not getting a phone that handcuffs me to only 16GB (even 32 would be a trial, my 64GB iPhone is running at about 55GB full...but I recognize I can do some cleanup here)
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words words
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A significant portion of my 55GB used so far is my camera roll, and I agree, just shoving it all into Skydrive would be more efficient, that's why I feel I can survive on 32GB, but not on 16. I want a minimum size of music collection that I don't have to stream (for long car rides in areas of sketchy connection for example), I will inevitably have some video content synced over...

I just wouldn't be comfortable being limited to 16
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Its wonderful to read about all those fellows who tell others how it is not a dealbreaker to not have a microsd on the htc. Gee! I remember all those yokels who told me that my insistence on having more bandwith for my phone was unnecessary because never ever...in a million years I would need it at all BECAUSE they did not USE IT THEMSELVES!.
Wow...how times change dont they. And now I hear the same prattle about ...."i dont use it ...therefore is not needed". Well boys...myself and many others need it. I have a 64gig microsd on my phone, its one of two. And yes, I am bying more. What do I have on it; none of your business. But, I used it, and needed it, and want more. And guess what...I am not alone. Now HTC did not include one on their new phone. Why not?. Mmm....because it will mar the looks of the phone, yeah, sure. Because it isnt needed, yeah, sure. Would it have to do anything with HTC acquiring MOG music streaming. Does it have anything to do with HTC partnering with Dropbox to offer 5GB of storage. Does it have anything to do with HTC buying 20% of SyncTV a cloud based video service. How about HTC's deal with SyncTV's parent Intertrust, a DRM software company. Lets not also forget HTC's buyout of Saffron Digital which has laid groundwork for itw Watch video streaming service., or its 40 million stake on OnLive, a cloud based gaming company. HTC no longer backs HTCSense.com, which allowed the storage of messages, contacts, location footprints and call history to its cloud "external storage". Nothing like a company begging you to trust them, and then have them throw you overboard when they find you are no longer needed.
Anyway, I want my microsd port, and if HTC does not provided it, I will then have no choice but to give HTC a "one finger salute" and find another phone that has one. Oh well, that's life.
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