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February 2nd 2012 7:44 pm

Windows Phone's Problem Is Hardware- And That's A Good Thing

Right now Microsoft has an incredibly competitive software platform, one that's both meaningfully differentiated and fun to use. But Microsoft hasn't gained any market-share. In fact, they seem to be losing ground from where they were with Windows Mobile a few years. The primary reason for this has to be the quality of hardware released. Until the Nokia deal was announced Windows Phone was a side event for every manufacturer making devices. Android is the mobile industry's bread and butter; Windows Phone was a hedge against Android losing popularity that had the added benefit of helping out in patent negotiations with Microsoft. None of the original Windows Phone OEMs had any incentive to focus on Microsoft's platform. They devices they launched were for the most part uninspired, generic slabs; a situation made worse by Microsoft's middle of the road chassis specifications. By the time Nokia launched Windows Phone devices that were actually appealing the chassis spec, especially the required screen resolution, was woefully out of date. The situation is even worse if you live in the United States and cannot use AT&T's network all the devices you can buy are terrible.
So why is this a good thing? Because hardware can be updated. Bad software, that's forever. Soon enough Microsoft will enable higher end devices, and when they do Windows Phone will suddenly be competitive. Microsoft already has the hardest part of making a new platform down. Their software rocks, and will for a long time.

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I agree with this. But that will change when the Apollo update debuts. At the moment, two major carriers are carrying one major Windows Phone each. I wrote a blog post on why I thought WP hasn't sold well:
But after the release of the Lumia 900 in US, I think that will change. If Nokia can gain momentum there, that could be enough for carriers like Sprint and Verizon to embrace Windows Phone. Who knows.
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