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October 19th 2009 8:22 pm

WinMo Media Player?

Back when I had WinMo HTC's - a long line starting from the Blue Angel and ending with the Advantage / Tytn II when that gave up the ghost / fell apart on me too and I finally said "**** you HTC"* - I never actually used it as anything other than a messaging / portable office device. Never did any entertainment stuff on it, that being handled by the iPod.

Is there, in fact, a compelling WinMo media player? Or is there a compelling one shipped with recent WinMo HTC's? If so, what's the syncing like?

*I'm hoping for a lot better with the HD2. Seriously, none of my HTC's bar the early ones lasted more than nine months in my possession, it being more usual to have several replacements during my contract periods. My N95 has on the other hand been with me since late 2007 - it's probably fallen down an entire high-rise building's worth of stairs by now in total, but it still looks fine and works perfectly.

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I have heard good things about Core Player but haven't tried it.
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