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March 11th 2013 5:33 pm

wireless charging orb

I got the orb and had no issues the first few weeks. But now the phone slides off after a couple hours. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I've spotted other reports — any solutions? Do I need to return it?

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I got two of them, one for the office and one for home. The one at home has been working fine (had them about 3 weeks now), however, the one at the office has never worked. Phone slides off of it after about 5-10 minutes. At first I thought it might be the humidity difference between work and home, but I recently brought the one from work to try out at home, and no luck, still sucks.

There is a trick you can try that works for some. Flip the orb over and use your finger nail to pry up the thick end of the gripper pad on the bottom. Be careful as it is just attached with sticky glue. Once removed, use a xacto knife to cut off the little rubber nubs on the ring, then rotate 180 degrees and stick it back. This will reduce the slope of the orb and seems to work for some. Unfortunately even this didn't work for me. It did slow the slippage, but it still ended up sliding all the way off.

I'm pretty pissed overall. I was desperately hoping these would be essentially just like the Touchstones I used to have, all the videos and demos leading up to this lead me to believe they were magnetic, but sadly they are pretty much worthless pieces of trash. I'm out of the return period and have been unsuccessful so far in getting any sort of return or exchange.

I have a ton of spare Touchstones, I am considering opening up one of those and seeing if I could maybe transplant the magnets into the charging orb.
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This is interesting to me as I have been thinking about getting one. Out of curiousity, are you both using cases on your phones? Some cases may be grippier (and solve the problem) while some may be worse
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I am not using a case. I've read that pretty much any case makes it work fine, but I hate cases, so that isn't an option for me. Apparently it works really well with other Qi phones too, the N9 supposedly grips to it great.
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I have the same problem with my orb... it's probably the most common complaint on this charger. I set mine in a jar so the surface is level.

Unfortunately, it seems a bunch of people are now having an issue with the orb and the phone/apps crashing first thing in the morning. It seems to have started after daylight saving time. Unfortunately, Google has yet to address the issue.

It seems people have updated to 4.4 and stopped having the issue, but of course Google isn't pushing this down to the Nexus 4. It works fine again after restarting, but I've just switched back to the wired charging until they can fix it.
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