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January 8th 2014 1:58 pm

Wireless Network Range Extenders

It's my understanding that range extenders create a second network (eg if "Home" is my original network, the extender will expand the network by creating a second one called maybe "Home2").

Is there a way to replicate the original network so that I'm basically just boosting it and will have the same network ID, password, etc.? I ask because I use Sonos speakers throughout my house and have an extra one I take out in my backyard with me. The speaker can connect to the original network, but my phone/controller cannot if I take more than one step away from the house. Unfortunately, to control it out there I have to be connected to the same network that the speakers are.


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I believe extenders are intended to extend the existing network, without the need of a new name. I believe they work by using two antennas: one to connect to the existing network and one to act as an AP. This means you should be able to set the same SSID for both devices.
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Cant he put the extender into bridge mode or do you only need ethernet for that? That seems like it would properly extend the network. One thing to remember with extenders: while this would extend network, it will SLOW your network down. The extenders have to talk to the wifi base station and that eats up bandwitdh.
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Thanks for the replies.

I ended up attempting to convert my old router into an extender and was going to try to use the same SSID, password, MAC, etc. However, couldn't get it to work. I ended up getting a Linksys range extender (RE2000) at Best Buy (I chose that one because my router is Linksys) and set it up. I was wrong about creating a second "network." @frankspin was right...it just extended the network using the same SSID, etc. and everything works great.

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