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August 20th 2013 9:26 am

Wiring a Nest without a 'C' wire

I got a really good deal on a Nest through my gas company and when I did a compatibility checker it said I was good to go. As I've been doing more research on the Nest I'm learning that the way it draws power is by cycling over the Rc or Rh wire if there is no 'C' wire. I'm noticing a lot of people saying they're having issues with their Nest when they don't have a 'C' wire in place. Is anyone here running a Nest without a C wire and if so how has it been? It seems the time of "failure" is all over the place.

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I've had one since March with no C wire. No issues yet. I have also seen the posts you speak of.
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Good to know, thanks!
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I have no C wire. Mine is connected to the Rc, Y1, W1 and G wires. So far all is well.
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