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October 10th 2011 11:09 pm

With tablets becoming all the rage anyone think Alienware should take a crack at one?

Thanks to the huge success of the iPad tablets are steadily becoming more popular than laptops. There seems to be a new tablet out/announced all the time and now Microsoft is finally starting to understand with Windows 8. So as a fan of Alienware computers I was just wondering if anybody else felt like they should take a crack at making a tablet. Many people use tablets for gaming and with the always unique design of Alienware laptops we may see a cool looking tablet that doesn't look like every other one on the market.

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Tablets and Gamers
First, I'm not sure that tablets will lend themselves much to hardcore gamers any time soon. If Alienware could cook up the ability to hang/mount joysticks and such off a tablet, or create a fantastic touch control interface, then it might have a chance. Second, is the issue of the availability of games for tablet devices, not just any games, but complex games that appeal to the hardcore gamers. If there is no software, then it does not make sense to build the hardware. If there is no hardware, then it does not make sense to create the software. Classic chicken and the egg issue, which comes first? It may happen, but just not anytime soon, even with Windows 8. Windows has been on tablets for the last 10 years and if history is any indicator...
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It could be really hard to make an actually portable tablet look like it was designed by a 12-year-old.
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