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May 10th 2013 3:56 pm

With the short term price drop and Play Store support is this the best tablet for under $180?

I am contemplating buying one for magazines, books, video, email and web browsing. Based on my investigation nothing really comes close especially looking at the screen quality and micro sd support. BTW I intend to replace the launcher as I find the B&N overlay unintuitive and slow.

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Damn right it is. I got 32GB version at Target for under $200. Cases and accessories are all on sale at barnes and noble, I got a smart case with auto on/off for an extra $25. Low price alone was compelling for a content consumption tablet, but Google Play availability sealed the deal for me. Had it for only 2 days but so far I'm completely happy with it.
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Yes, this is an amazing tablet for $180 (bestbuy price of 32 gig version). You can also get the 16 gig version on Amazon for 150. It does have a tiny bit of lag I will say though. I rooted mine and flashed cyanogenmod on it (before they announced playstore on it).
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