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September 5th 2009 10:26 pm

Wondering what mouse I should get!

OK gdgt, here's the deal: Eons ago, around when Quake 2 came out, I folded my hand and picked up my first laser mouse, the classic Microsoft Intellimouse X000. Can't remember which one it was, but t was the awesome silver one that everyone had. Two way scroll wheel with a button, two left side thumb buttons. That thing lasted me through a good 8 years of Counter-Strike.

Well, it died 6 months ago, so I whizzed over to Best Buy to pick up a new one. I got the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0. I noticed pretty quickly that the extreme ergonomic design of the mouse made it uncomfortable to "claw grip." I also noticed, that while I like the feel of the smooth wheel, it just plain sucks for gaming. I don't get any lag with the mouse, but it does have too long of a "wake up" time; if I don't move it within X amount of seconds, it sleeps to save power, and takes a fraction of a second to wake up before I see the actions on-screen. Finally, I recently replaced my dead desktop with a desktop replacement laptop, and this thing doesn't like many surfaces I try it on.

My question to you guys, is what mouse should I replace this thing with? I'd like to keep a budget of less than $75, as I think $100+ is going a bit overboard on a mouse. I don't play 8 hours of CS a day like I did in high school; in fact, I don't play PC games that much anymore, with the domination of the consoles this generation. But I will use it for the occasional PC game.

So my list of desired features in order of importance, from top being most important to bottom being least important:
-Ability to use the mouse on smooth/reflective/rough/sexy surfaces. like a shiny wooden table, corrugated cardboard, or a naked woman ass
-I'd like a switch to alternate between smooth/notched scrolling on the wheel
-If you guys have any suggestions on mice with better wireless connectivity than the MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, throw em out there. I'll go back to wired if I have to, but would prefer to stay wireless.
-Keep the ergonomics at a point where I can "claw grip" the thing without developing arthritis. This is a minor complaint.

I have my eye on the Logitec Performance Mouse MX first, and also the MX Revolution and G9. What do you guys think?

(I also have a question about the Logitech PM MX and MX Rev: It says the smooth scroll feature actually scrolls much more smoothly through Firefox pages. Does this mean that the on-screen scrolling is smooth too? I know what a smooth scroll wheel feels like on a mouse, but it usually warrants a notched-like scrolling behavior on-screen. It would be neat if the screen scrolled smoothly too. Minor thing tho I guess)

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The Logitech PM MX / MX Rev both make the screen scroll smoothly when you're using the "HyperFast Scroll Wheel." I am now addicted to it and can't bear having a mouse without it, so use it at your own risk.

It's really great for browsing gadget blogs! (or really long pdf's & doc's if you must)
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I just ordered the Performance MX mouse myself. From the reviews it is an good upgrade to the MX Revolution, but I don't own the MX Rev so I can't compare. However, I do own the razor mamba and I can't wait to compare the two. I'm a little paranoid though because I myself use the "claw grip" and it looks like the PM MX is shaped for a right hand palm grip. Good luck in choosing your mouse!
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so, I have used the new performance mouse MX for about 5 days now. I have to say, as great as darkfield is, i still like the shape of the mamba better. Other than that the PF MX isn't a bad mouse if you like to palm your mouses. I do really like the hyper scroll though. I'll be cool if other mouse had this feature as well.
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Thx for the input. I'll look into the Mamba too, though I'm almost certain I want to try the Performance MX. I really want to see if it will work on my glass coffee table as advertised :)
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Necroing this post a bit, but only to add my two cents for reference! In case anyone else is in the same situation as me. I have to share.

I recently found a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX in the locked cabinet at work, meant for our field consultants. I'm totally using it for a couple weeks. For those who don't know, it has the same laser and scroll wheel as the Performance Mouse MX, two less buttons, a smaller form factor, and takes 2 AA batteries instead of 1. The two most important features are there though - the scroll wheel, which you can switch from smooth to clicky - and their Darkfield laser technology, which they claim works on anything, even glass. I'm here to tell you that it works as advertised - I literally used this mouse on a window in our break room and it tracks perfectly. It's amazing. I'm completely gushing over this mouse.

The Logitech SetPoint software impressed the hell out of me as well. I was using it while trying out my buddy's Revolution. I set the thumb rocker to volume up/volume down/mute, the center button to alt&tab, and then went nuts with customizing the buttons for different programs. You can change each button on the mouse to do something different, and here's where it gets awesome, you can set a unique profile for each device and EACH PROGRAM - so if you're in Mzilla Firefox, the thumb buttons could function as back and forward; when you're in MS Paint, they could be set as Undo and Redo; In MS Office, they could be Copy and Paste. SOOO GOOD. Customization to the max.

I'm DEFINITELY getting either the Anywhere Mouse MX or the Performance Mouse MX. I've only used the Anywhere Mouse for a day, and I can already easily reccomend either of these mice. The only thing I have to do now is decide which one!
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