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December 10th 2013 5:50 pm

World’s Smartest LED Bulb

The fact that the bulbs can be controlled through smartphones allows for infinite uses based on the new technology. The time may not be far off when a whole range of actions like locking doors at night would also be controllable through smartphones instead of another wearable technology.

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Are you using these bulbs in your home? I'm interested in them, but the price is a bit steep!

FYI, I've helpfully removed your bitly link at the end of your post. Please keep spam away from these parts. :)
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Hey Dave, I bought a pack of philips LEDs last month. My electricity consumption decreased but they are really costly but it will take time to get cheaper.

No worries on the removal of link; but the link was also about these bulbs which I found worth sharing. Hope you understand.
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It is a bit steep but I did purchase a pack also. (They were on sale too!!) My electricty consumption is ually about $130 a month. It's now in the $75 range which to me is completely worth it. It will only take a couple of months to actually pay me back and then some! Completely worth it. But I will post later in case anything pops up. And yes it will take a while for them to become cheaper but always look out for the best deal especially with the holidays coming around! :D
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