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Worst screen ever on a Tablet.

The $100 Pandigital has a better display

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What's so bad about the display? They're selling this on Woot today for about $280!
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I could only see the display at 90' angle and not more than 2 feet away..
I can view the iPad from over 4 ft and at most angles.. rather limited.. but its a personal preference
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Angle isn't great... but for the price and if you possess the savvy to flash it? Amazing, this thing screams. Just use the Goog and you will see this machine fly. As for using this at greater angles of 90°? Really? 2 or 4 ft away? Tabs are supposed to be used up close and personal. I have my 65" TV for distance. Nearly half the price of an iPad? Get it.
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You are right, its not good but the pandigital is worse. Its a decent tablet. Works well for reading on when you dim it a lot. The angles have not been an issue for me. Games run fine and Quick Office HD makes this thing awesome.
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