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July 3rd 2009 5:13 am

Worth the buy?

Well, for me it was!
I mean, despite the fact it lacks a GBA slot, this thing is pretty awesome. Besides, there is usually only one card inserted into the DS slot. *COUGH* flash cart *COUGHCOUGH* :D
The cameras are definitely a plus too, but so far is only a novelty.
The interface also looks a lot nicer, not to mention how much better the internet browser, and with the virtual shop.
What made you want to buy it?

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Well, I had gotten rid of my GBA and accompanying games a while ago (although I still miss pokemon, can't wait for soul silver and heart gold), so the missing GBA slot wasn't a big deal for me. The web browser and Photo Viewer/Camera are nice things to have (although their not all that useful truth be told). The virtual shop and SD card are really the tipping point for me, I think those are really the features that make the system above the lite. I also like the matte finish over the gloss finish of the lite, less finger prints and general smudgy look.

I would have to say that if you have a large amount of GBA games then I would stay with the DS lite over the DSi.
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I mainly bought this because of the trade-in deal at GameStop. I have to agree, the cameras are fun...at first. Since the first day messing with them I haven't used them since. Same goes for the sound recorder application.

I had high hopes for the web browser and downloadable games, but I've been disappointed with both. The web browser is painfully slow and the games posted for download so far have zero appeal to me.

I do love being able to tap the power button to get back to the main screen quickly.

I do find it odd that most games I tend to play using the D-pad vs. the stylus. I thought the touchscreen was the main selling point for the DS/DSi? Ah well, I happened to have spare cash at the right time to take advantage of the trade-in.

If the new Zune HD offers some compelling games, or Xbox Live integration, I have a feeling the DSi will collect more dust than it does now.
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I think so. the ui makes it seen like a mini wii
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For me, no. I'm still perfectly happy with my DS Lite, and in all the time I've owned it there hasn't been one single time where I thought to myself "I really like the DS Lite, but it would be so much better if it had [insert your favorite DSi upgrade here]." I think I'd be in the same boat as WarWolf...some of the new features would be cute for an hour, then never get used again. I DO like the idea of being able to tap the power button to get back to the main screen, but is it worth getting a new unit? Again, not for me.
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If you currently have a DS Lite, stick with it for a while. There's no reason yet to upgrade. But if you buying this as your first DS/Nintendo handheld go with the DSi.
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in theory it's not worth upgrading your DS lite for a DSi. But in effect, DS lites are not very durable machines. I've had 2 which I used quite intensely for about a year each and they both developped glitches, like unresponding buttons, unexpected crashes, things like that (and btw, I'm very meticulous w/ my machines). So eventually, you are going to have to replace your DS lite, you can make it a DSi then.
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I bought this because I wanted the newest DS :) I do like it alot but it's really not a huge step up from the DS Lite. The main difference between the two is the included DSI channel which is like the iphone app store but as if it was made when the internet just came out. Yes, it's that bad to use.
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I am sticking with the DS Lite, the DSi is way overpriced and not at all worth the buy. If my DS Lite was to break I would just get a PSP, it is sixty three dollars cheaper at some places and is a way better portable gaming console with better games than the DSi.
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Really I think if you have a DS lite its not worth it. You will only get a camera and web browsing feature that can allready be purchased. But on the other hand if you are a CRAZY FAN go for it. The DSi store will have games not availble anywere els.
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If you've got a flash card for your DS Lite (cyclo DS, R4, M3, Acekard, etc), it's definitely not worth the upgrade. IMO, even if you don't have a flash card it's still not worth the upgrade, but whatever. The only new thing from the DSi really is DSiWare, and, come on, it's like calculators and clocks and puzzle games you play for 3 hours before getting bored. Not really worth it.
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If you've got the money, you've got the spirit, and you just want to buy something, yeah, it's worth the buy. But seriously, other than the apps (which are mediocre at best) it's not worth the buy.
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For me it was worth it, since I did not have a previous Nintendo DS and neither any GBA cames, and I wanted to play Devil Survivor, Chrono Trigger and other DS games. So I took the plunge and bought the newest DS.

But then again, I find the Dsiware store pretty lame (I guess I got spoiled by Apple's App Store variety and UI), and the game catalogue is uninspiring (I got Mario vs. Donkey Kong: March Minis with the points they give you free with the DSi purchase).

If I already had a previous DS, I don't think it's worth it, unless the DSiWare store improves.
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All I want to know is can you switch games with the console on yet? That really seems dumb to me, especially after switching from game to game to movie to game to music to game with the PSP powered on...
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Yeah, I mean, you wouldn't want to pop a game out while it's playing, but if you tap the power button to take you home (tapping is like a soft reset, it doesn't power down, which would happen if you held the button down), you can then hot swap out games.

I personally really like the matte feel, makes the DS Lite feel like a cheap toy. I think the DSiWare stuff is "getting there" but not really there yet. The flipbook game (free) is all kinds of interesting.
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Well, since this device is really aimed at kids, and my 7 y/o loves it ..... I'd say yea, good buy.

The kids around here who have the DSi play with the photo editing software and the sound effects apps all the time. They love them. A nice creative outlet for the ankle biters.

Larger screens are nice for dad and his failing eyesight.

It's been a big win at our house after hosing a DSlite with a 5 foot drop.
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i'm undecided about ds lite or dsi for my 4 year old as a handheld to start her with and to last a few years, which one would you recommend for that age?
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I've got it! The DSi is a my first MID. Every kids new first experience with webcams, cellphone cams and the internet.
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