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Would it be worth it to trade my iPhone 3G for an HD2 on Craigslist? Do any of you guys know how well the Android 2.2 port works on the phone?

I love the hardware but WinMo 6.5 is a drag...

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As far as I know the HD2 is running 2.2 as well as the Nexus One or at least that is what I have heard from the people I follow on twitter. The only problem you might run into is the phones are on two different networks. So it might take a while to get someone to go for it.
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I have an iPhone 3G on T-Mobile. The dude has offered to trade his HD2 for my iPhone 3G.
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if you dont want your iphone then yeah go for it. I did and have 2.2 running on my HD2. It runs pretty well, but its not perfect. If you're looking for something that works 100% all the time, then this might not be for for. Android runs off the micro sd card on the HD2 and is not flashed to the phone, meaning that adnroid has to pull everything form the card, so something will lock up. My most annoying lock up is the screen. It'll freeze for a few seconds (10-15) and not take any input and then go back to working fine. it doesnt happen very often, but when it does, it sucks

if you don't like your iphone, get the HD2. Android runs smoothly enough to used on the daily.
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thanks for the advice. it sucks that you have to launch Android from within WinMo but i think the 3G on iOS 4.0.1 is an even worse experience
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There is now a NAND boot option that completely by-pass WinMo6
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Well, the first question would be: would anyone be foolish enough to trade an HD2 ith a 3G?
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Someone who got a buy one get one free deal and reallllly wants an iPhone =p
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apparently his pictures were sent with the sig "sent from my iPhone"
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yes. this dude on craigslist. claims its scratch free and near new. Sent me 3 pictures with all accessories...
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YES! Trade your crappy 3G iPhone for it. It is easy to get the Android on the HD2. There is plenty of help and support at the XDA Forums. The SCREEN on the HD2 is almost as big as the whole iPhone. Since you have TMobile, you should enjoy the 3.5+G speed if they offer it in your area. I often see my 3G symbol turn into the H and that means an extra BOOST of speed.

Also, the HD2 running android is like having the EVO without the front facing camera. not a huge deal and Tmobile rates are cheaper. Once you get 2.2 on it, you can make the mobile hotspot to tether. Sprint charges for the 4G (not really 4G, but that is what they claim) speed and the tethering. It's a WIN/WIN!
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