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August 28th 2013 3:58 pm

Would you buy a PS4 if a PS Vita was bundled with it?

A video earlier this month from Machinima brings up the possibility of a PS Vita getting bundled with a PS4, and they're saying the price could be around $500.

As you may or may not be aware, a big feature of the PS4 is remote play which allows you to view content on your Vita as long as you're on the same WiFi network. Essentially it would function like Wii U's controller, but the kicker is that the Vita is actually a portable console thus making it more than just a controller.

Video: www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=­-21FjbNEChg

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While many PS vita owners are excited to see their system getting more attention from Sony, such a bundle kind of move would make it a definite hit in the market. Not even mentioning the low price.
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I did not own a PS3 and had no real interest in it as I had an Xbox (as did everyone I know). However I just purchased a Vita and I am rethinking getting a Xbox One because the Vita is such a joy to use and own.
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Being a Vita owner and confessing many times that it's my favorite device, I really want more people to own it. The experience is amazing and makes plane, train and long car rides actually enjoyable. It also provides a bonus when visiting family (and in laws). It's like having a PS3 in your pocket just as much as I thought having a PSP-3000 was like having a PS2 in my pocket.

Tossing it in a PS4 bundle sounds like a great deal if it's only $100 more. The memory cards are decreasing in price and we need to see more of that for Vita to be a success. $100 for a 32gb card is ridiculous.

Part of me thinks this is about moving units over the next 12 months to pave the way for a redesigned PS Vita. I would expect PS Vita 2 to have some kind of on board memory (16gb), faster wifi, longer battery life and maybe better cameras or a projector option (to watch movies/netflix). Something that's not worth the upgrade, but making it better than the current model for sure. The Vita is going to be 2 years old early 2014 so I'm not telling anyone looking forward to this bundle to hold out, but only to be aware that you're buying something at a steep discount because a new model is going to be announced within 12 months.

For people aware of Sony's history, the PSP-2000 came out 3 years after the original and the PSP-3000 came out just a year after that. Fall 2014 is when I expect a new Vita model to be announced.

Top PS Vita games for prospective buyers: Uncharted, Guacamelee, WipEout, Mutant Blobs, Mortal Kombat, and definitely Sound Shapes.
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Thanks for the insight nitehawk. I was actually already planning to buy a Vita around or shortly after PS4's launch, based on remote play alone. If I can get it in a bundled PS4 at another $100 discount that would be phenomenal.

I'm hoping remote play on the Vita will work with Gaikai when it's ready next year too.

I obviously made the right choice switching from Microsoft to Sony for this generation of console gaming.
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Yes, but only if stores let pre-orderers upgrade to this bundle without losing launch availability.
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Only if? I guess you already pre-ordered your PS4?

I hope you realize that more attractive bundles will be coming, right? Don't get me wrong, being able to play DriveClub right off the bat is pretty sweet.

In February or whenever the new Infamous comes out there's going to be a bundle with that for free and there will be plenty bundles coming out with the camera tossed in for cheap just like what they've done with PS Move.

Don't get buyer's remorse, I'm just talking from experience man.
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I'm a "gotta have it first" electronics shopper. So yes, I pre-ordered my launch PS4 on day 2 of it's announcement, haha.

Watch Dogs is another game I can't wait to play, and yes I know it's dropping on current gens as well, but I want to play it in it's best form (next-gen).

I'm a little sad that Watch Dogs didn't turn out to be an exact launch day title, but I can play Drive Club for those 4 days while I wait.

Thanks again for your insight, this is the best place to discuss with others, so little critical judgment or nerd-raging. Just calm, civilized debates and suggestions.
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As tempting as that package is, No. I sold my Vita after owning it for 8 months and was not impressed with the game catalog and overall it was too bulky to take outside with me.

Japan will be getting the new "compact" Vita model update late this year or early 2014. That would be interesting if only the game catalog was as diverse as the PSP UMD was.

However I could be suede to buy in if the Vita interaction with PS4 gameplay ran across the board with majority of the games.
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