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July 15th 2011 8:10 pm

Would you drop your home ISP if there was an option for unlimited LTE?

My ISP in NYC, Time Warner Cable is possibly one of the worse companies that I've ever had to deal with, along with giving super bad and inconsistent speeds. I've had more arguments with representatives from TWC than any other company that I've had to deal with over my course of living in NYC. It's unfortunate that they're my only option if I want Internet service or else I would have dropped them a long time ago.

If Verizon offered an unlimited LTE tier in NYC, I would drop TWC in a second. I know they don't want to because they want to push FiOS for their home services, but I feel like if they did, TWC would have a mass exodus of unsatisfied customers. As with any wireless transmission, the only issue I've heard is with latency, but it can't be any worse than the 100+ ping I get while playing TF2.

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My only options are Charter and AT&T, so I would consider it. The biggest fear I would have with a wireless protocol is latency, though. I have a really hard time believing this would be sufficient for online gaming. The thought of trying to play Super Street Fighter IV over LTE makes me want to cry tears of blood. If someone could demonstrate, though, that it is no worse than AT&T DSL at least 95% of the time, I'd at least consider it.
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Yeah -- I haven't had a chance to test latency on my 4G LTE router yet (I'll try to do that soon and post back.) But walking around Austin yesterday, my AT&T phone (with 5 bars of 3G) was getting pings upwards of 350ms. Not totally ideal.
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I'm usually between 100 and 150 ms on LTE with a few higher or lower.
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Uhmmm, only if their price is competitively reasonable. Even with Unlimited LTE (or 250GB max like Comcast) I would like to at least have great speed with it.

P.S. And what's your steam ID? Been wanting to find TF2 friends to play with since I just got it.
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I think Verizon is trying to push customers towards picking up mobile hotspots instead of sticking with their current ISP. As it stands right now you can get a mobile hotspot for $15 less than an equivalent plan at Comcast and probably see the same fluctuation in speeds. This is probably ideal for a lot of people who only use the internet for email, facebook and other similar services. If Verizon offered a LTE mobile hotspot with a price of $60 for 50GB a month I think you could see a big shift in people.

I'll agree with everyone else and say I never would because of gaming. I get rageface now when people lagout during SC2 matches, I'd hate to see what would happen on a mobile hotspot.
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Make sense, but not logical for me. Family goes through data fast, especially me. Comcast though not portable is only $45 plus tax with 250GB. We, the family, manage to hit close to 200GB by end of the billing cycle.
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I tried the switch to WiMax here in Portland with Clear, and unfortunately it failed to deliver. I had set up both phone and internet service with them, which would have considerably reduced the cost of our monthly bills. Sadly, I had no reception even though my house is in their coverage area, so I had to drop them.
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