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May 31st 2013 1:20 pm

Wow, it's almost like time is going backwards.

It's 2013 and now Logitech has finally unveiled the ultimate in modern technology... a wired keyboard for the iPad.

I understand these are targeted at schools, a setting in which pairing and keeping charged a Bluetooth keyboard for each device would be a nightmare... but if your students need a reliable computing device with a keyboard to type, wouldn't it be much more cost effective for a school to purchase cheap Chromebooks instead of iPads? According to this Apple Education price list - images.apple.com­/education­/pricelists­/pdfs­/2013031... - a 10-pack of 16GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi only without AC adapters is $3,790, or $379 each. Plus a $60 keyboard, each. Compare to a Chromebook, with multiple models available from $199-$329 each (before any bulk pricing deals). And the keyboard is built right in.

In my opinion, if your educational iPad app requires so much typing to the point where you would need a keyboard anyway, that app's developer is doing iOS wrong.

Granted, I work at a school that uses Google Apps for Education, so maybe Chromebooks would work better for us than others. But still, is this really meeting a need?

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