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February 26th 2013 1:29 pm

Wow. Just, WOW!

Just browsed through the list of the latest gadgets that received a score here, and came upon this - the Archos GamePad, which got the brutally awful score of 45. That immediately made me wonder: has there ever been a worse score than that on gdgt?
Sorry, Archos, but you may as well just get out of business on your own. As the famous Hebrew proverb puts it: do not spit into the well you drink from. I guess that for a company like Archos, that used to be quite popular in the tablet industry but has now been surpassed by trillions of other manufacturers, you have to try something different and try to stir things up.

So, has there ever been a score lower than 45? I'm ready to ROFL!

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The next lowest I can remember is the Sony Tablet P which got 50, but there might be something lower. I don't know for sure
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You're correct, the Tablet P was the previous low.
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You can look at previous low scores in our Best and Worst of 2012 (just scroll down the page). Rest assured, the GamePad will probably be on the list for 2013.

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