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Wow, seems like this thing is beast!

Here are the specs straight off of Gizmodo:

"The Sony PSP2 has arrived under the codename NGP. It has a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, front/rear cameras,a touch-sensitive panel on the back of the device used for control along with a quad-core CPU and GPU. (Updated)

Update: Turns out the internal magic of the PSP2 lies in its quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor and quad-core PowerVR SGX534MP4+ GPU. I'm scared to think how big the battery has to be to power this thing.

In addition to the above specs, the PSP2/NGP has 3G, Bluetooth and GPS, along with wi-fi, and Sony claims this thing is as powerful as a PS3. The 5-inch screen is roughly 4x higher resolution than what's previously been featured in PSP devices (960x544). Kotaku says the screen is a beauty with impressive viewing angles."

There's no way this thing goes on sale for less than $300.

With all this power Is it true that it is about as powerful as 8 iPhone 4s?

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It's definitely a beast! I'm curious to see what game developers come up with that will take full advantage of the hardware. Let's hope for a reasonable launch price...
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I'm wondering if the price might be better than what we think.. It's not uncommon for game consoles to be sold at a loss and software sales then make up for it. The PS3 was rumored to cost nearly 800$ or more to produce when it first released and yet it never cost that much to buy for the consumer. Just a thought.
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My guess is that they'll have to hit at or under the price point of the PSPgo (so ~$250). The device has to be competitive with other handheld gaming platforms and it can't be more than a home console or people aren't going to want to spring for it.
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if this thing is $200 I'll buy one yesterday, $250 and I'll probably get it within the year, anything more and it's an indefinite no.
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This thing looks very impressive and unlike the 3DS I actually want one, though for the money I'd rather get a PS3...
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