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May 6th 2014 5:26 pm

WTF am I having to reset up my account again ?

How many times per year is Engagdet going to force us to create a new Account - over and over and over again. You bailed on Disqus - forced us into FB Accts Only then added in LiveFyre - now only to kick back to FB and a local acct. God Damn Make Up Your Minds Already.

[rhetorical - I don't give a damn about replies just needed to tell Engadget to stop their ADD habits]

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We're still using Livefyre and your account will still work on the main Engadget page for commenting on posts.

The forums you're commenting in right now are completely different, based on the old gdgt forums, as such they require a separate account. We're working on fixing the multiple account problem in the near future.
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Speaking of, I'd love it if the comments system on articles was replaced by the a similar system as the one in the forums. :D
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Today I thought I had commented on an article and was wondering why it showed posted for me, but when I looked on my work computer the comment wasn't there. Go back to check things out and I had signed in through facebook, but I now had to reset my password? Why do I need to reset my engadget password? I thought the whole idea of connecting through facebook I don't need a password?

So I jump through all the hoops and I'm in. Check my comment I had posted earlier and it's there, while being signed in. But check on any other computer and no comment.

This is exactly why I never feel the need to get involved with this site or others like it. It's a massive hassle to just leave a comment.
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Thanks for the feedback -- we're trying to make things easier, but it's a slow process. I agree at how frustrating resetting passwords and having multiple accounts can be. We'll get there eventually though.
With regard to your original comment not showing up, the Livefyre commenting system marked it as spam. I've since approved the message and it should now show up.

The password that you recovered is for the Engadget Forums, which is a completely separate commenting platform (and we're working on unifying it with our commenting system on the main Engadget page). A password reset was implemented in the forums due to an AOL data breach a few weeks ago. We sent an email out, but I realize some users may not have received it, so I've posted it below.



Hey, there!

You may have heard about a recent incident of unauthorized access to user information stored with our parent company, AOL. We are writing to alert you that AOL has discovered that the attacker(s) also accessed a database containing Engadget user data, including usernames and passwords.

The good news is that Engadget passwords are strongly hashed -- a standard form of one way encryption. (For those interested, we utilize bcrypt and salted SHA hashes. No passwords are ever stored unsalted, and especially not in plaintext.)

We don't have any reason to believe that there's been any nefarious activity on your account, but in the interest of preventing unauthorized access to your account, we've reset your password anyway. Please visit www.engadget.com­/reset­-password­?required­=true to create a new password.

We recommend that you also change your password on any sites or services that share your username, email address, or password. In addition, please be on the lookout for any suspicious email, especially stuff seeking additional personal information.

The security of your data is extremely important to us, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience this incident may have caused. Our parent company, AOL, is working with law enforcement to pursue this matter, and is continuing to strengthen its security measures in order to prevent future attacks from occurring.

- The Engadget Team
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Thank you for your help Dave.
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