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January 14th 2010 3:20 am

x41 or x31 working with OS X

I was wondering if anyone has had luck getting these headphones to work with OS X? I wouldn't mind shelling out the cash for the x41 if I knew they were dual use but after some google searches I came back pretty empty. Just a little bit of txt on Turtle Beach's page that it should work on Mac / PC minus the mic.

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well, they have inputs for RCA sound on the receiver, so if you can output from your machine's audio out (3.5mm to RCA, or RCA to RCA, or digital audio out to digital audio in, or whathaveyou to RCA / Digital audio) then you should be all set. There is nothing xbox specific on the receiving end of the device. As long as you can accommodate one of those input types then you should have no issues using these as headphones on a computer.
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Thanks, that helps clear things up. Now I see why the mic is stated to be xbox only.
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