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November 19th 2013 4:59 pm

XBOX ONE Smart Glass Initial Impressions

So, the app just came out on Windows Phone 8...what are your impressions and thoughts, even though the console isn't out and we can't do a whole lot with the app yet.

My impressions:
- Much faster loading and navigation. The current smartglass app is painfully slow.
- Not part of the Games hub. Being able to pin the current app mitigated this, but this has never really made sense as an app that you needed to access via the Games hub. I primarily use the current app to look for and launch movies, music, tv shows on my X360
- Pins from my X360 smartglass app automatically show up in this new app. This hopefully means that the Pins section will automatically be populated when I log into the actual console itself, on day one. Pretty cool.

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Thanks for sharing! I haven't picked up a next-gen console yet (though I'm leaning toward PS4). That said, I'm really interested in how these mobile apps are shaping up. I think they're going to play a pretty important role in how we use these consoles.

Sounds like Microsoft is off to a good start with Smart Glass 2.0.
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I never really felt the need to use smartglass with my X360.

With the new genereation is there good incentive to actually keep my tablet handy when on the Xbox?
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