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March 4th 2014 9:10 am

Xperia z 2 tablet or Samsung Galaxy Note (2014) or Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro?

Hi everyone, I am in the market for a new tablet. I currently have the Asus Tf700, though it is still a contender amoung what's out now, I still have find myself getting tired of the lag and am ready for a change. Now for the topic at hand, which would you choose?

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I've pre-ordered a Z2 on the basis of nothing in particular, other than being a bit bored of my Note 8.0 and wanting something a bit bigger. Now wondering how much of an issue having no Apps to SD capability is going to be, Samsung still support this, I don't think Sony do, and I don't really want to have to root it. Do most apps still use SD space for large datafiles if it's available?
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That's not really an issue these days since many devices like the Nexus phones and HTC flagships don't come with SD cards.
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I was also under the impression Apps2SD was removed because it was causing too many issues within apps since stuff would be split between internal and external memory.
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where did you pre-order yours from?
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sonymobile.com, they're throwing in a free magnetic charging dock with the pre-order, worth £40. Well, that's what they're charging for it anyway, whether it's worth it or not is another matter.
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If you don't mind me asking, what version (gb wifi only) and how much? Thanks now I need to start planning because of you. 😙
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Well, sonymobile don't have them right now but sony.co.uk do and until tomorrow they've also got 5% off, so I cancelled the original order and got one in white with 32Gb from there (still with a free charging dock). Should arrive tomorrow.


I hope you get to see this in time if you're buying one...
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I think it's more to do with the app, type of data and android version. Android won't allow widgets to work from sd and I seem to remember some other things. From all the reviews and reading the specs it seems to be the top dog. Fast, great display, and waterproof. Very small bezal and a good camera if needed. Beautiful tablet, design right there with apple if not nicer. The Z2 is what I would get if I hadn't just got my Nexus 7 a few months ago and had the money. I'm very happy with my Nexus and 7 inch tablets have some advantages too. Love to have both😊.
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You can also check out this site for tablet comparison it helped me to....
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Android 4.4 has app 2 sd built in. Not an issue.
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16 GB is enough space for apps. The critical issue is whether your media can be stored on the SD card. With 4.4 it can.
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There are two obvious specs where the Xperia Tablet Z2 has an edge over the Samsung Galaxy tablets, while they have the edge of resolution and the S pen.

The two advantages are waterproofing and the magnetic dock. The magnetic dock is particularly relevant if you are already used to using an attached keyboard with Android.
If your portability requirement is ploppability, i.e. you are not literally typing on your lap
but always on a surface of some sort, then a bluetooth keyboard and then either a
stand folio case or the magnetic dock are great. And when you don't need a full keyboard
it is a much better tablet than the detachable tablets are.

You will want a magnetic dock. It keeps you from flipping open the micro-usb cover port
all the time. That would undermine the waterproofing, and if that isn't important to you
then why get the Xperia? You then plop in a 64 or 128 GB sdxc card and never open any
of the ports on your tablet after that. 16 GB is enough for apps when you can place your
music and your movies on the sd card.

If you're *not* watching movies then the galaxy note might be better, since the extra
resolution could be useful if you're mostly doing text editing and/or code development.
But the extra resolution doesn't do much good when movies are shot to be seen in 1080p.
The higher quality display with "only" 1080p works better for movies.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) has more pixel horizontal resolution (2560 pixel vs 1920 pixel) , more delicate ppi (298 vs 224 ) ,
but Sony Xperia Z2 has faster processor speed (2.3 ghz vs 1.9 ghz) , more pixel front camera (2.2 m vs 2 m) ,
I personal prefer to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), by compare them at
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In the end Sony kept delaying the shipment of the Z2 and not giving me an idea when it was going to arrive so I binned the order and bought a note 10.1 2014 with 32Gb, from PC World in the UK for £360, a great price, £90 off list. Then it conked out with what appeared to be memory issues. They pretended they were unable to get hold of any more to replace it and if I wanted I could just go ahead and get a refund and buy a new one online for £450. So they can poke it... Awaiting a new one from Expansys now.

I have to say the lag that people talked about on the Note is only noticeable using touchwiz, with the Nova launcher it's hardly there at all, the tablet flies. I love the s-pen and drawing on the Note is a pleasure. I suspect the Z2 is marginally less laggy but we're really comparing a Ferrari with a Lamborghini, they're both very high performance.

Moral of the story: Avoid PC World.
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The Sony has zero lag. Fastest I've ever tested. Hands down.
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I have had the Z2 for a couple of weeks now and have no complaints. It is extremely fast, superior design, nice accessories, and unique features. The display is definitely better than Sammy offerings when it comes to video. In addition. To being waterproof, it also has built in noise isolation, and amazing sound customizing features. Highly recommended.
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