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April 30th 2013 9:48 am

Yeah, wait till the price comes down

Back in late 90's when I first saw a big flat screen TV at Fry's, I was stunned by the price--$15K!--and I thought, "geez, that's more than what I paid for my Toyota Corolla! But now flat TV's are everywhere and the prices are well---needless to say, quite affordable. So, folks, wait, wait,wait, unless you want to be the first one to own this marvelous TV in your neighborhood!

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Agreed! Seiki is making a huge splash by selling a 4K TV at $1500! Prices will come down much faster than HDTVs or 3DTVs!

All that being said, lack of available content will make 4K adoption slower than HDTV. Many popular tv shows still only broadcast in 720p instead of 1080 so convincing cable companies to upgrade could be slower. The fact that the intense difference between 1080 and SD is more apparent than 4K and 1080 will slow the propagation of this high price tech as well.

I've never been a fan of 3D and loved 4K from the minute I heard it. My guess is we won't see 4K adoption become popular until close to 2020. I do know that the next tv I buy will be 4K, though my current tv is only 5 years old!
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