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July 2nd 2009 9:10 pm

You can teaher a G1 without rooting.

Tethering - Theres an app for that.

Let me explain, If you go to www.junefabrics.com­/android­/index.php and download the PDA net software. (Which is finally out of beta.) run the .exe plug in your phone and Go. Its that easy.

Unfortunately this is currently Windows only. Sorry Mac fans. (Linux people should just root)

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Boo, haha, I'm a Mac user. Yeah, I heard of this app.
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An alternative, not as clean as PDAnet, but that works with Linux and MacOS is Azilink: code.google.com­/p­/azilink/

You should know a bit about OpenVPN, though.
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I'm using PDAnet right now and have been since the earliest beta. EDGE is solid as a rock, but 3G sometimes craps out unexpectedly and requires reconnecting. Not sure if it's a network thing in San Diego, but t-mobile's EDGE coverage is fast enough I rarely turn 3G on anyway.
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I used it a bit and worked well.
However, I went to use it while on a trip and it said my version expired and I had to upgrade (kinda hard to upgrade your laptop with no net connection)
Does this happen often?
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I haven't had to upgrade since the final version came out after I had payed money for the program. In general it might be smart to try to tether before you go on a trip. Just to stop this kind of thing.
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