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June 2nd 2012 4:02 am

You have heard of LED TV´s have you heard about PLED TV´s

PLED has the virtues and the best of the Plasma – LED technologies when combined together. The PLED (Pixel Light Emitting Display) was first seen at the CES show in Las Vegas in Jan 2012. LG has commercially launched 2 PLED models with this new technology in 50-inch and 60-inch sizes.

The PLED has over 6.2 million independent points of light. Contrastingly in a standard LED at most the total number of independent points of light do not exceed 250. Unlike the other imaging technologies the PLED does not need any back lighting. In addition PLED have a refresh time exceeding 1600 times that of a standard LED.

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Sounds expensive. With other tvs coming down in price we will see if it is competitive
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Dear Travis,

The beauty is that it is much more cheaper. It will be first available in 50 and 60-inch sizes. It should be great value for money.
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