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May 25th 2010 8:36 am

You know the biggest thing about Google TV IMO was the fact that it integrates Chrome and Android in a supposedly harmonious way.

Now this alone doesn't make for a big deal but I look at the bigger picture. If they succeed with Google TV, or even make it so they work really well together this opens a whole slew of options for Android in general.

If this pans out the way I think it will Google could effectively marry three OS's into one super OS custom built to fit the need of the device at hand. Chrome OS is basically Chrome and with Google TV they showed that Android and Chrome could work together. This could mean Android apps could run on Chrome OS as well as the more powerful web apps. Plus with synching between the three this could make for a very unified ecosystem. I for one can not wait for Chrome OS now.

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I'm still wary about all of this working out for them as they have not put three/four major things out there for people: Chrome, ChromeOS, Android and GoogleTV. That's a lot of major projects that could become messy as things continue to develop.

I wouldn't be surprised if Google ends up going a Apple type route where they have this underlining OS (Android) that is built to work on lower powered devices and tweak it for other devices (GoogleTV, ChromeOS, etc)
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I think that is the goal but in all reality they are only working on two. Chrome and Android. Chrome is pretty stable and only getting better same with Android. I see Chrome OS and Google Tv as spin offs as of their two major products and with any luck they will merge it all into one.
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