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October 10th 2013 11:00 am

you obviously didn't fully review this phone

I have done extensive testing of this device and consider it's camera the best of any available smartphone, including the iphone 5s, by a decent margin. (professional photographer). The camera software isn't set to the optimal settings by default, but with minor adjustments it's full potential can be reached.

About the rear buttons. How is it not obvious why the buttons are placed in the rear? It was done to allow for that ultra thin bezel around the screen. This should be more apparent when looking at the nexus 5 which does have side buttons. It has a thicker bezel and smaller screen as a result.

There are only a few of things wrong with this phone, most of which are the carrier's fault:

The gloss back
Inconsistency of rear buttons depending on carrier model
Limited case options
Pre-installed software and some bloatware
Unforgivable, worst ever default notification sounds (boys choir)

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Our conclusion write ups are written around what critics are saying about the phone. If we have had extensive hands on time with the phone we will also factor that into our score, as well as considering things like price and market competitors. While I understand your sentiments, please note that more than a few critics did point out things related to the button placement. Some loved it, and some did not find it being any better or worse for the phone.
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The button placement is not relevant. I've asked those that use the phone how often they use it. The answer is overwhelmingly that they don't.
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if you mean the rear buttons, I don't really mind them. Why wouldn't anyone use them? They never adjust the volume for anything, ever? But taking a screenshot is not easy, requires both hands and is very awkward. And yes I do this a lot which is why I know ;)
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I agree! but you forgot the home button. this phone is horrible.
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The home button is soft - like any other decent phone in this era. Samsung is the only Android device maker keeping the home button around - even HTC has dropped it with the One (M8).
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